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Giving and Stewardship - Honoring the Past and Sustaining the Future 

Philanthropy goes far beyond fundraising at UMH communities.  It is part of our Mission; our altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement.  Fundraising is one very important piece of what we do.  Our donor base is comprised of a variety of people from all walks of life; past and present residents and their families and friends, employees, religious organizations of varying denominations, businesses and vendors alike, and many others who feel compelled to support a mission-based organization caring for older adults and those living with disabilities.  As good stewards of UMH, it is important to nurture relationships with existing donors and cultivate the same with those looking for opportunities to give.  

Contributions to UMH make it possible to provide services which enhance the quality of life for residents, as well as to provide care for those who can no longer pay the full cost of services they receive. UMH provides approximately $1 million in charitable care each year. Donations also make other quality of life enhancements possible by providing unrestricted funds to support resident services not covered by fees or government reimbursement.

Jordan Cohen, a Porter at Wesley Village, is just one shining example of the many people who choose to make donations to United Methodist Homes because of our focus on relationships.

His parents instilled in him the importance of giving back to others. He believes that “people taking care of and supporting one another; going the extra mile for each other and developing relationships is what is important. Helping people really warms my heart.”

Lois Poutney, Executive Director of Crosby Commons was recently asked why she thought long-time resident Alice Bennett bequested her estate to United Methodist Homes. 

“When I first learned about the bequest made by Crosby Commons resident, Alice Bennett, I was not at all surprised.  Alice was always such a compassionate, generous and caring individual who contributed in so many ways to the Crosby community.  Alice personally welcomed each new resident and always took the time to introduce new residents to other members of our Crosby family. Whenever she noticed a resident whose walker did not have a basket, Alice used her sewing skills to create the perfect bag for holding mail or personal items.  She also donated countless hours of her time to the ‘Hearts and Hands of Love’ knitting group. She created beautiful prayer shawls and lap robes for Hospice patients. I am certain Alice’s kind and giving ways brought her much pleasure and satisfaction. Leaving a generous bequest to United Methodist Homes was her final act of kindness and generosity that will be felt for years to come.”   

“United Methodist Homes has always enjoyed a great reputation for quality care.  When I recently visited Wesley Village, I was particularly impressed with the many programs designed to strengthen the relationships between residents and staff.  I believe that this attention to relationships accounts for the special way in which the organization nourishes the body, mind and spirit of all those it serves.  To ensure that this organization can continue to fulfill its mission, I recently decided to establish a charitable gift annuity with United Methodist Homes.  My gift annuity provides me with a steady income during my lifetime, and then will support the services provided by United Methodist Homes for years to come.  It is definitely ‘the gift that keeps on giving!’”

–George Ehinger

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