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Why Seniors Need Human Connection to Thrive


Many older adults who find themselves further and further removed from the people and sense of purpose that once fueled them are prone to detrimental declines in mental, emotional, and even physical health. Often, they’re lacking adequate opportunities for human connection, as they struggle to stay social, active, and fulfilled. Expanding studies in social neuroscience illustrate this effect and help to explain just how important human connection is in the life of a senior.

In fact, science has been highlighting the significance of human contact for quite some time now. Mental and emotional health experts have emphasized the benefits of socialization, supported by strong evidence that human connection is linked to greater overall health as well as a longer lifespan. The research is an eye-opening statement on why and how this critical component can have an immensely positive impact on the life of a senior and their potential to truly thrive.

In this guide, we’re breaking down some interesting research and providing valuable insights surrounding human connection’s fundamental role in supporting senior health and longevity.


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